Nuremberg – Ibis Hauptbahnhof

This is the chain’s official photo of the hotel’s frontage, and as its name suggests, it’s located near to the railway station. The staff member at reception was welcoming and friendly, with everything feeling ordered and well managed.


This is a substantially sized hotel, as this long corridor suggests, with the building stretching back for some distance.


I was upgraded to a bigger room, which had one double bed and one single bed. I think that the flooring here doesn’t do anything to the look of the room, as it feels quite barren and cold. However, it was clean and I appreciated the extra space that was offered. I’m not sure how busy the hotel actually was, but it felt quite quiet throughout.


The unused half of the room, which was fairly basic throughout, with no hot drink making facilities and really not much else at all. The windows opened which I liked, although being at the back of the hotel there was no street noise to listen to. It’s not a complaint as this was a room upgrade to give me more space, but I’m surprised they didn’t do something with the room to make it more of a suite as they could have charged a premium for that.


Unusually for an Ibis, there’s no bar for customers to sit at, but instead there’s just a display where they can buy drinks. This was my free welcome drink and it was a perfectly acceptable Hefeweizen, although I don’t much complain about things that I don’t have to pay for (well, not usually).

I didn’t get breakfast as it was priced quite highly compared to nearby cafes and the like, although it was an option that was available. The hotel isn’t brilliantly reviewed, but that’s mostly about the rooms as opposed to the staffing or the service. A refurbishment is really needed here, it’s quite a harsh looking room which doesn’t seem to be surprising and delighting very many guests. However, it was an affordable stay, although it seems they have some of what I consider the dreaded adjoining rooms where there is considerable noise leakage judging from the reviews. But, fortunately, I didn’t get one of those.

There’s further information about the hotel here.