About this Site

I like the structure of a FAQ, so we’ll go with that here, even though no-one has asked these questions. But they might, so here we go.

What is the point of this web-site?

It’s a collection of the posts that I have written on my blog at www.julianwhite.uk about Accor Hotels (and random things related to them) which are all collected together here in one place.

Is this anything do with Accor?

Just for clarity, and although I can’t imagine anyone would think that it was, the answer is no.

Why is it dom.org.uk?

Registering a domain name with the word accor in it might well have annoyed them and looked like I was passing off…..

Are Accor a decent hotel chain?

They’re generally reliable and I’d merrily recommend them, with their loyalty scheme being generous, especially when taking advantage of the frequent offers. They’re not without faults though and their customer service is sometimes a bit all over the place, but the hotels themselves are nearly always excellent. I’d stress the nearly bit there.

What’s your favourite Accor hotel?

Oh, I like being asked this   🙂    The Novotel Centrum in Warsaw. The service is impeccable, the rooms are clean and the views are extensive.

Where is the image from on the top of this web-site?

What a well timed question, it’s from the Novotel Centrum in Warsaw.

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