I have been inundated with requests (well, one) to extract the posts from my blog at julianwhite.uk which are about Accor Hotels. I’d make clear at this point that I have no connection with Accor and this web-site is nothing to do with them, it just happens to be about them. That’s why I’m using a slightly random web-site name rather than one which contains their name.

I’d say that Accor are generally pretty good as a hotel chain and they’re the one which I stay with the most. Customer service can be all over the place, but the standards of their hotels is normally towards the higher end of the scale. They’re particularly good in certain territories, not least in Poland, and perhaps a little less decadent in some others, including their French home.

The majority of this web-site covers Accor hotels in Poland and the United Kingdom at the moment, with a smattering of content from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria.

Am I a really important customer of Accor? That one is easy, absolutely not….. I have Platinum status primarily due to how many nights I spend in hotels in Poland, all at the lower end of the charging scale. I’m nowhere near Diamond and they’re the decadent customers that Accor want. Some more about the point of this site here…..

As a quick guide to this site, there are menus at the top of the page and also a search button. This web-site is something of a work in progress throughout 2022.

Here’s my basic summary of the Accor Limitless tiers.

There’s news from Accor and details of the latest Accor offers.